About the Foundation

Dear members,

The Stockholm Cultural Foundation, also called Stockholm

Culture Association/Stockholm Culture Awards has as its purpose to highlight and praising world-class cultural personalities, who are knowledgeable and distinguished in their field and work hard to strengthen the status of classical arts in and for Stockholm and make them more accessible to all.

Stockholm is to be strengthened in its role as a city of culture and knowledge. Both Swedish and foreign citizens are eligible. Stockholm Culture Awards merit medals and diplomas are given in the categories classical and modern music, classical art, architecture, film, sculpture, painting, dance, the art of food as culture, family history and cultural mathematics, namely mathematics that have a great cultural influence.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the Stockholm Cultural Foundation was founded by Rikard Högberg, Sverker Littorin, Hans Wernstedt and Hans von Gaffron from the Stockholm Nation in Uppsala.

The Stockholm Culture Foundation, or Stockholm Culture Awards,

has done much; from rescuing cultural buildings at Långholmen

in Stockholm, rock carvings in Herrebro outside Norrköping,

demonstrated against the construction of a highway (which was

moved), awarding merit medals to MTV stars at Kåtorps Gård in

Roslagen, building monuments in St. Petersburg over the old

Swedish city Nyen (later renamed St. Petersburg) to hand out

merit medals at the Royal Palace in Stockholm and in the Blue

Hall at Stockholm City Hall.

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The 2012 Award Prize ceremony at the Royal Palace of Stockholm ( 

The Stockholm Culture Foundation gather members and others interested in and for Stockholm’s culture, history and development in a rapidly changing world. The Stockholm Culture Foundation is also interested in the impact of countries on the city’s cultural and historical development.

The Stockholm Culture Foundation was formed in 1983 by a group of students, who became acquainted with each other during the university studies at Uppsala University. Most of them were active members of Stockholm’s Nation, in the latter part of the 1970s and early 1980s. The common interest was Stockholm’s culture and history.

Over the years, the circle of interested people has expanded and The Stockholm Culture Foundation focus on the city’s culture and history, in an international context, has expanded.

The Stockholm Culture Foundation brings together its stakeholders to an annual awarding of medals and diplomas, under the name Stockholm Culture Awards, with a subsequent dinner and dancing.