Medal Councils

Classical Music


Kristofer Wåhlander - Conductor

Kristofer Wåhlander is one of Sweden's most successful conductors, and he has worked with symphony orchestras throughout Europe. He also works as a lecturer in leadership, motivation and performance and in 2010 he was nominated to the Grand speaker's prize in Sweden. Photo: Nicklas Rudell.

Jonas Grimås - Filmmaker

Jonas Grimås is a Swedish film and television director, based in London since 1988. He was educated at the Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm, and then the Royal College of Art in London. In 1988 he won the BAFTA Film Award for best short film with Artisten. In 2011 he was named "Cultural Personality of the Year" by the StockholmsKultur Foundation.



Jacob Nordangård

P.D. in Theme Technology and Social Change. M.Sc. in Geography and Culture and Media. Musician and writer. Chairman of the Wardenclyffe Association. Writes and lectures about urban planning, trans-humanism, environmental history, energy and climate policy.

Inger Glimmero Nordangård

Color and lighting consultant. Secretary of the Architecture Revolution. Treasurer in the Wardenclyffe Association. Interests: Architecture History, Aesthetics, Music, Psychology.


Cultural Mathematics

Professor Emeritus Kjell-Ove Widman, Mathematician and Cryptologist

Kjell-Ove Widman has been professor of applied mathematics at the University of Link ̈oping,director of The Mittag-Leffler Institute of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, and guestprofessor at universities in Germany, Italy, Poland and the US. He became interested in cryp-tology while doing his national service, and has worked on and off in the field since then,consulting for governmental and private organisations and companies. He has also translatedbooks in mathematics and related field


Regina di Rinaldi

Theater Regina has been responsible for TV and Film productions for many year. She has work with both Swedish TV channels and international TV and film companies.