Awards Ceremony 2019

The awards ceremony 2019 is taking place on March 9th and March 10th, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the official invitation.

Registration form available here

Medalists 2019

Award: Architecture

Professor Nikos Salingaros

for his cultural deeds and being the first man to establish a mathematical theory and background for architecture. He has the most developed view on architectural buildings and creations.

Award: Film

Mrs. Karin af Klintberg

for her deep understanding of human beings in their historical context and that have been raised to an even higher level. Few productions have, as "Historieätarna", been able to illustrate human beings in their historical habitat and Sweden's history from a human perspective, with facts, power of living the parts, historical knowledge and humor.

Award: Opera

Mr. Olle Persson

for his deep understanding of the music in a variety of styles, combined with an unprecedented vocal tone and a complete song technique. Olle Persson has established himself as Sweden's leading lyrical baritone.

Award: Cultural Mathematics

Professor Johan Håstad

for his contributions in the field of theoretical computer science. Professor Håstad’s specialty is Computational Complexity Theory, wherein the possibilities for solving concrete problems using computers are investigated.

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