Awards Ceremony 2012

Medalists 2012

Mr. Marcus Juphiter, Baritone

during recent years Marcus Jupither has established himself as one of the leading principal Baritones of Sweden and Europe. From the Stockholm Royal Opera to Riga, including German and Swedish opera stages, his imposing figuler and voice has been acclaimed in unison, both by critics and the audiences. Mr. Jupither received the Stockholm Culture Award for his art of singing, which combines power, artistry and musicality.

Mrs. Eteris Lamoris, Soprano

Mrs. Lamoris is a Georgian-Spanish lyrical Soprano working all around the globe. Already very young, she aroused enthusiasm and was invited by Plácido Domingo to become his co-star in opera galas. With her pure voice and spotless Italian vocal technique she is today considered one of our times greatest voices in the world of opera. La Scala and other leading opera scenes are welcoming her, and the number of recordings and television production with her as star is impressive.

Mrs. Jenny Ljungberg, Architect

Mrs. Ljunberg Received the Award for her delicious design blended with a deep knowledge of former generations works. Mrs Ljungberg has succeeded to blend stile and history in a remarkable way, not putting her own ego or today's 90-degrees architecture in the forefront. Mrs Ljungberg has saved many unique historical buildings in a way that highlights former architectures thoughts and linked these thoughts to the future.

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